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Narrative Essay: What Is A Narrative Essay And How To Start It?

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a type of a story that revolves around a theme presented in a particular narrative. When writing a narrative essay, you are merely telling a story which is often from a personal point of view. This style of essay is written from your own point of view so that it can show the importance and the reason behind a particular story. The purpose of a narrative essay is to tell a story about a personal experience or event that happened in the past. A paper written in this form allows the writer to write about themselves. Narration teaches one to describe individual events to entertain and also serve as a lesson for the readers. You can always get expert help in writing this form of essay from th most trusted writing company, Peachy Essay. 

Starting an Essay

The essay should be written in the first person because it is your own story that you are narrating.

Use sensory details and imagery to make the reader understand what you felt at that moment.

Include dialogue to make the story more interesting for the audience. This is when there are more than one characters involved in the story. 

The way you start a narration tells the reader what you are going to talk about for the rest of the essay.

Elements of a narrative essay

A narrative essay has the same features as those of a story from the beginning, middle and at the end of the article. The elements include the plot, characters, setting and climax, which are all part of a story. The details of a narrative essay should support the point that you are making. Therefore, you need to remember the events clearly. The tale should be told in a sequential manner where the main idea is shown in the first sentence. Dialogue may be used in the narration in cases where it involves more than one character. The writer needs to use expressions and descriptions to help the reader relate to the point being made. 

Narrative essay ideas

You can write a detailed essay about a real story of yourself, or you can write about a once upon a time experience. You can also write about something you love doing or hobbies. All the ideas you can get should give you excellent narration as long as they are personal experiences. 

Best Practice in Narrative Essay Writing

Since this type of essay is a story given about one’s personal experience,  the writer needs to be vivid and explanatory to ensure the reader gets the same feelings they felt during the encounter.  You have to have a good and clear memory of whatever adventure you are narrating to the audience. The memories and thoughts of the event being told are what makes the references to the point you are making. These memories should be written in the first sentence to introduce the idea of the theme that follows that paragraph. To write an excellent essay, you must include flashbacks and flash-forwards in the narration to build a climax for your story. A narrative essay is written in the first person since it is usually from a personal view. However, the third person may be used at times in the writing of the narrative essay. A great write-up should make a relevant point besides just telling a story. The essay should have an emotional connection to the reader or the audience so that they can know the feeling one experienced. The way you narrate an event gives reference to sense and emotions; therefore, there should be a lot of references in the essay. Just like in a story, imagery and vivid details must be applied when; in this case; the story should be real and apparent. 

Structure of the Essay

The introduction of the essay should have an introductory sentence that introduces the reader to the topic being discussed. This way, the reader is conversant with what you are narrating and can understand your point of view.

The body of the essay is where you give an overview of all the themes included in the story.  It is also where you write about the characters involved in the essay, and you assign their roles. In the body, the writer gets into full details of the events and themes of the narration. It is usually the longest part of the essay because it carries all the elements of the story, including setting and characters.

The last part of the write-up is the conclusion which ends the story. The conclusion sums up all the details that were written in the body, and it gives lessons that have been learnt. 

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